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Per il Volo is a historic and reliable ITALIAN company, for 40 years in the flight sector. In the late 80’s he created a new standard in the world of powered paragliding with his single cylinder two-stroke engine – the Top80. The Top80 engine, designed and produced by PER IL VOLO, was born from the great passion and expertise of Diego Cecchetto, pilot and instructor, pioneer in free flight, who from an early age was interested in alternative solutions that could give everyone the thrill of flying! The Top80 was purpose built for Miniplane paramotors and has been a game changer since its introduction in 1989. Since then PER IL VOLO has continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with powered paragliding equipment. At PER IL VOLO we strive to offer our customers only the best. Our Top 80 engine is a testament to our commitment to excellence and we are proud to continue to produce an engine that is not only reliable, quiet, lightweight but also fuel efficient, easy to maintain and will perform consistently for years to come. The Top80 still gives great emotions and offers suitable solutions even for the most demanding pilots by exploiting small technical features. Over the years we have made continuous improvements without distorting the nature of our engine that can still proudly compete with other engines born later. We believe in taking our customers on a journey of adventure and discovery and our engine is the perfect partner for those who want to explore the world from a new perspective. Whether you are an experienced or novice PPG pilot, we have the solution that will take your flying experience to new heights.

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Our Top80 Engine

In many years of production the TOP80 has gained an enviable reputation and has always remained competitive with continuous updates..

In the latest version we offer there are some noticeable new features, e.g. the anti-corrosion anodizing of the new engine cases, that have a significant visual impact and will better protect the engine in the harshest environments.

The new casings are lighter, some redesigned details and a study of internal flows have made it possible to improve the operating stability and efficiency of the engine.

The extensive use of 3D design and the creation of details with professional 3D printers was essential to produce development prototypes and supply some small but important engine components.

A new diaphragm carburettor joins the previous one, it was specially made with technical solutions that adapt to the TOP80 and is equipped with 2 screws for more accurate carburetion adjustment.

A further choice that is now accessible to all pilots is the bowl carburettor, which we have experimented with for many years and which has given us extraordinary results in competitions.

The bowl carburettor allows for significant savings on consumption with great regularity of operation which is certainly welcome on long flights, which is why it is the solution we recommend in the Miniplane LR.

Diego Cecchetto — Chief Executive Officer

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Top 80 è speciale per la sua affidabilità e leggerezza

Luigi Rampinello

Matériel arrivé dans les temps montage avec l’importateur en France super service produit très bien fini, fiable. Le nouveau châssis en quatre parti est un régale à monter, super pour les voyageurs comme moi
Je recommande a 200% le mini plane avec le top 80

Thierry Delorme

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